Why You Shouldn’t Marry a Smart Woman (if you can’t deal!)

she will not settle for less she will see past your excuses (and give Mr.Holmes a run for his money) she will have all your expenses accounted down (to the last cent) she will find a lot of loopholes in your well-thought-of argument she will cite medical resources on why she should take regular trips […]

restlessly invisible… invisibly restless…

it’s Saturday and i’m bored. yeah, i know,how can i still be bored when i have two toddlers to take care of and a home to manage. i don’t know, but i’ve been feeling bored lately, almost restless…like i’m looking for something or something’s missing, i’m not sure. well, alright, i don’t exactly not know. […]

on tying the knot-can we make it last?

March 17 was supposed to be my parents’ 28th wedding anniversary.  However, they didn’t even make it to the 24th.  In my opinion, it was over way back from the 20th or even earlier. In a time when fewer and fewer married couples celebrate their silver (25th) wedding anniversary, what are the chances of young married couples? […]