Fulfillment in Training

The last two weeks, I have been able to train aspiring call center agents again as a training consultant for my previous employer. This was my job from February to October last year.  We train people, most of them young and coming from the service industry, to be equipped with the skills needed to be […]

How Bad Do You Want It?

If you need some motivation today, whether for a new project you’re starting, or if you’re applying for the job you’ve always wanted, or if you’re starting a new business… When you feel lost, confused, you don’t know what you really should do to achieve your goals… Or maybe, you just need something to pull […]

How To Have Fun in the Mud and Rain

Several weeks ago I found out that a new weekend market opened up in a big expanse of green about ten to fifteen minutes from us; the Greenfield District here in Mandaluyong. The Greenfield Weekend Market have been gaining popularity recently. Aside from being very accessible from neighboring cities, it is also very near EDSA […]

Bible Reflections for Today

I’m a member of the Kerygma Family which is an online community of people for prayer and spiritual support.  Part of my blessing as a member is to receive Daily Bible Reflections (all for free!) which has three parts: first is the Didache which contains personal sharing and stories which are related to the readings […]

A Truly Blessed Sunday at The FEAST PICC

Today, my family attended The Feast PICC for the first time.  It was a long time coming, but we have done it finally.  It was such an electrifying experience for me and my husband, especially listening to Bro. Bo Sanchez preach in person.  I have written about the experience in my other blog, WAHMmy – […]