Fulfillment in Training

The last two weeks, I have been able to train aspiring call center agents again as a training consultant for my previous employer.

This was my job from February to October last year.  We train people, most of them young and coming from the service industry, to be equipped with the skills needed to be call center agents, especially customer service representatives. In other countries, it may not be much of a job; but here in the Philippines,  it has helped a lot of families obtain a high paying job despite a lack of degree or prior work experience.  Most of the trainees I’ve had were not able fo finish their degrees, were previously service crew members or staff members.  They wanted to try it out in BPO industry to give a better life to their families with higher pay and better benefits.  I’ve had the privilege to see a lot of these people achieve their dreams and improve their lives and their families’.  As much as I loved the job, I had to leave it last October to stay with my family and just work at home.

Recently, I received a call from my previous employer asking me to handle a class.  So on August 11, I met a new wave of 11 aspiring agents. For 10 days (technically 10, because there were 2 holidays off last week), I helped them realize their own potentials and improve their communication skills.  They graduated from the program last Friday, August 22 and were endorsed to call center companies yesterday (as Monday was a holiday).  I am very pleased that already 2 of them were hired yesterday.  Both of them are parents who want to earn more for their family and change their lives for the better.

This is what training is to me. I am honored and humbled that I get to be part of people’s journeys and inspire them in my own simple and small way.  The fulfillment in training is instant and continuous as I get to watch them flourish in their new careers.   I can’t do training full time right now, as I choose to work from home and be able to spend more time with my children but it is something that can be a possibility in the future.  For now, I am content to watch them change their lives, improve their lives, achieve their goals, not to mention, earn higher than me! It makes me happy, it gives me fulfillment.

If you or somebody you know in the Philippines want to work  in the call center industry but would want to train first, please contact me to find out how you can be a TESDA scholar for the Finishing Course for Aspiring Call Center Agents.


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