How To Have Fun in the Mud and Rain

Several weeks ago I found out that a new weekend market opened up in a big expanse of green about ten to fifteen minutes from us; the Greenfield District here in Mandaluyong.


The Greenfield Weekend Market have been gaining popularity recently. Aside from being very accessible from neighboring cities, it is also very near EDSA and the Shaw MRT Station. It offers convenient seating with tables under huge tents for diners or other people wanting to enjoy the soothing live music. Food stalls line the square grassy field and there is something for almost everyone. Shopping stalls are also present for people who love art, trinkets, clothes, accessories, fresh produce among many others.


Since the Greenfield Weekend Market is very close from our home, I’ve been wanting to take the kids there for weeks. I always stop myself though, as we’ve been trying to abide by the abundance formula of 10-20-70 wherein expenses should only amount to 70% of salary. I knew that it would be very difficult to follow that rule once I see all the yummy food!


When we got there around 6pm this Saturday and saw the tents, we became excited. What we didn’t expect (although we should have) was that it was muddy! We hadn’t stepped that long on the grass when our shoes started collecting mud fast. It didn’t bother us though. A lot of children were already running around, catching giant bubbles so we instructed our kids right away to go on and have fun.

As expected, I seemed to have forgotten our expense rule when I started going around looking at the food stalls. Still, one can be happy with just Php100.00 to Php150.00 for food budget.


The best part for me though was just watching my kids running around, trying to catch lots of giant bubbles floating in the sky whole they let out squeals of delight. Music coming from the stage provided some sort of background while I allowed myself some deep thinking. I thought, how special was it to do something so simple but having a great feeling of happiness. It honestly felt like heaven, magical.

We were there for about a couple of hours when it started raining very hard. The huge tents provided shelter from the rain but because of the accompanying strong wind, we could all still feel sprays of rainwater. It didn’t make me feel like our trip was ruined one bit. It was getting cold but my heart was warm.


I can’t wait to go back for our next visit. It was amazing just how simple things could actually be the best bonding moments for families. Thank God the Greenfield Weekend Market is just a trike ride away!


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