Here in the Philippines, financial literacy is definitely not a priority of the common Filipino.  It is not in our culture to think about the future.  We are used to taking each day as it is.  While some cultures say that having this “positive” outlook is one of our strengths, we fail to realize one important thing: we are not prepared for the challenges of retirement.

We are so scared to think about retirement like you are willing bad things to happen. We don’t want to talk about insurance or healthcare or investments. Usually we think all these are a waste of time and money.  Besides, we are earning well now anyway. But what we don’t realize is that high income does not equate to wealth.  Having a high income is not a guarantee that all our financial needs will be met.  A question we should ask ourselves is that, “If I lose my job today, how long can I live without having to look for a source of income?”

There are two scenarios in life that we don’t really think about but is actually disturbing: dying too soon and living too long. Why?

If I die too soon, who is going to take care of my family?  Can they survive?
If I live too long, who is going to take care of me?  Can I survive?

If our answer is doubtful, then we can do something about it to make it crystal clear.  We can educate ourselves to secure our future and our family’s future.  There are a lot of programs around that can help us analyze our financial goals and give us a solid plan to achieve them.

The Wealth Academy of the International Marketing Group is one of those programs. Their aim is to educate people about financial literacy and them build a solid financial plan.  They hold a series of training and seminars that tackle different topics about financial management.  By educating ourselves, we can be our own financial experts.

If you want to be your own financial expert and secure your future, you can register for one of the training sessions here:


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