Prepare for the future or live each day as it is?

So this is my first post in several months.  I haven’t been able to visit my own blog lately.  My last post was in April of 2012, summer time here in the Philippines.  I guess I got caught up in summer activities for the kids, looking for a suitable preschool for my son (the school year here starts in June) and teaching English, I guess. I felt I needed to reserve all my mind energy for my students and be able to focus on their progress.  Lately though I started to miss writing here and being able to just express my thoughts, be it mommy-related or not.


My 5:40am student has been often absent from class recently.  But I can’t blame her.  She is 9 years old, currently on her winter vacation but she needs to get up at 6:40am (Korea time) for her Skype English class.  I mean, if I were here, i’d hate it. C’mon, I’m 9.  I totally understand that her parents want her to be competent especially among her peers who are all studying English too. But still, sometimes, I feel sympathetic when she sounds so sleepy in class.  And to think it is so cold in Korea right now, I’d almost want to tell her to go back to bed.

I am impressed with her, though, because even when sleepy, she still manages to perform well during class.  I think Korean kids nowadays are used to all these activities starting from a young age.  It is pretty common to go to other learning institutes or tutorial centers after school hours and even during vacation.

Sometimes I think, we can learn from Korean society in this light.  In Korea nowadays, as early as middle school, parents are set for when their children would need to enter the University and are all making sure that their kids would have grades good enough to enter a reputable high school and eventually, the best universities.

Here, when a high school student on his/her first year would talk about College and the choices for a major, most people would say, you still have several years to think about that, don’t sweat it out just yet. Here, you just need to think to really hard about College when you’re already in senior year and for some even, after they have graduated from high school.

I am not actually saying that one is better than the other but I just want to say that there are lessons that can be learned from both; don’t you think?


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