i’m not just a mother, i’m also a wife

i enjoy reading a lot of parenting blogs because it’s fun knowing how other parents handle very familiar situations and i also get a lot of tips and also, because it’s nice to know that you are not the only one who feels that way about something. however, i just realize now that it’s also great to read about marriage blogs; after all, i’m not just a mother, i’m also a wife.

us in college

dad and me in college

i want to write about this blog and a particular blog post i really liked today by Pamela King. i’m so thankful that she found my blog first when she checked out my post “and just like that it was 2002 all over again” yesterday. i headed over to her blog Still Dating My Spouse and absolutely loved it! one post touched me though, it was Creativity in Marriage. sure, it was written beautifully by Pamela and her tips were great but most importantly, it got me thinking (don’t you love it when a post gets you thinking?)…about my own actions, about my complaints, about the things i wish that my husband would do, and finally, about what things i can do differently.

i realized that there are a lot of things i could be doing. despite our hectic everyday life, there are a lot of things i could be doing to have even just five minutes of sparkle with my husband. i have also realized that these tips Pamela mentioned…we used to do all of that. and somewhere along the way, we just lost track or we just started waiting for the other one to start.

out of town

out of town for our 3rd wedding anniv

recently, i have been spending hours and hours online. yes, i work from home but even after my work, i would still be in front of the computer for several hours more. i even think, the internet is now my bestfriend but then again, it would be very easy to delegate even just a few minutes from all those hours to sneak in some QT with hubby.

i am really glad i was able to find her blog around the same time hubby expressed his feelings about us and or family. that way, i know exactly what to do to add on to what he initiated: letting me know how much he still cares.

new yr 2012

dad & me new yr 2012


4 thoughts on “i’m not just a mother, i’m also a wife

  1. Awwww, I am teary eyed! I am so glad that you received confirmation on what you should do to get that QT in with the hubs! As we both know, life gets in the way and our focus sometimes shift to maintaining the household, but we must remember to put in the same energy (if not more) with our spouse as we did when we were dating or first married.

    Please let me know what things you will do different to get that QT in. Hey way not call or text him right now and tell him you love him & can’t wait to see him when he gets home. Please join us on our FB page http://www.faceback.com/stilldatingmyspouse or follow me on twitter: @datingmyspouse

    I try to share things with couples to do exactly what you did: think!

    I can’t wait to continue reading your progress….hey date night is coming up so make plans now!

    Still Dating My Spouse


    • i have you to thank. : )
      unfortunately, he is already sleeping (we’re actually from the Philippines). but we are currently on a religious holiday ’til Sunday and we are hoping to get the kids to my mom or to his folks. hope i’d have lots of QT stories to share by the end of the holiday.


  2. Hey if he is sleeping get off of her for about 30 minutes and just snuggle up with him. Don’t wake him but just lay there with your arm around him and whisper to him that you do love him and thankful that he is in your life!

    I hope the kiddos will allow you to have this moment LOL

    Have a great day!



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