my involuntary workout

what was supposed to be a day of feasting on Korean delicacies turned out to be a very tiring day. as a challenge from one of my students, i was supposed to visit a Korean restaurant today with one of my best friends,Grli (yes, that’s a name). but the day did not work out as planned and i ended up having to do a “mini walkathon” while carrying a really heavy bag of groceries. honestly, i don’t really feel like talking specifics (and i don’t suppose you’d want to hear either) but i was sweating and aching and ugh, self-pitying. i didn’t enjoy it obviously; but the truth was, my super-ego was very thankful for it. i think in a way, my super-ego urged me to do this mini-walkathon to the utter despair of my id who so wanted to hail a cab.


taken from

come to think of it, i feel bad not because i had to walk a few kilometers with a heavy load; but because i was emotionally let down by something else that forced me to come to that decision.

my legs still ache but i don’t feel bad anymore. i might even do that again one of these days.


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