Why You Shouldn’t Marry a Smart Woman (if you can’t deal!)

  1. she will not settle for less
  2. she will see past your excuses (and give Mr.Holmes a run for his money)
  3. she will have all your expenses accounted down (to the last cent)
  4. she will find a lot of loopholes in your well-thought-of argument
  5. she will cite medical resources on why she should take regular trips to the salon (esp. the pedicurist!)
  6. she will cite medical and scientific reasons to argue the harmful effects of your habits and behavior at home and with the kids
  7. she will back her statements up with psychological studies about why you act and think that way
  8. she will read your mind and tell you what you’re thinking of before you even get the chance to say it (like you would)
  9. she will always have a witty comeback
  10. she will come up with creative ways to get back at you (when you deserve it)
  11. she will write a blog post on why your video games are different from your kids
  12. she will always, and i mean ALWAYS, be right

taken from weddings-place.com


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