Why You Shouldn’t Marry a Smart Woman (if you can’t deal!)

she will not settle for less she will see past your excuses (and give Mr.Holmes a run for his money) she will have all your expenses accounted down (to the last cent) she will find a lot of loopholes in your well-thought-of argument she will cite medical resources on why she should take regular trips […]

why video games are different from your kids

the amount of time you invest in video games will not influence the kind of individuals they would grow up to be. video games would not feel bad if you don’t spend your weekends with them. no matter how much effort you put in on mastering your gaming skills, video games would not kiss, hug […]

when wives turn to food

so this afternoon i was talking about how my hubby’s always so busy training his shogun army to pay attention to me. guess what i did: yep, i wasn’t kidding, i went and got myself french fries and ice cream. nothing like comfort food to cheer a girl up. my sister and i went to Greenhills […]

restlessly invisible… invisibly restless…

it’s Saturday and i’m bored. yeah, i know,how can i still be bored when i have two toddlers to take care of and a home to manage. i don’t know, but i’ve been feeling bored lately, almost restless…like i’m looking for something or something’s missing, i’m not sure. well, alright, i don’t exactly not know. […]

A Love Letter to the Man Who Taught Me True Love—My Son


Let me start off by saying I have prayed for you all my life. I have always known I wanted to have a son as my first-born. I imagined you to be this smiling boy, so full of life, smart, happy, someone with whom I share a special bond.  God could not have made a […]

Who says you can tell which of my kids I love more based on my Facebook photos??

i came across this post from Megan Jordan, Does Facebook (And Instagram. And your Mom) Think You Love One Kid More Than Another? and it just baffled me.  Apparently, one mother’s Facebook photos evidenced that she was favoring one child more than the others because there are way more photos of that child posted.  It […]

lazy mom, hungry kids

you know those days when you’re feeling so lazy you wanna just stay in bed…oh, the thought of just sleeping in, not doing any chores, just dosing off in complete oblivion of two kids tugging at you to make sandwiches…wait–what? oh yeah…breakfast. so you grudgingly get out of bed to make peanut butter sandwiches (oh, […]