My Story

jennyHi everyone!  Today is July 24, 2014 and I am launching my new blog, The Truly Wealthy Mom.  This is not my first blog, however, due to recent changes in my life, I decided it apt to start a new blog altogether.  Why? Because today, I experienced a miracle.

I am an ordinary work-at-home mom of two amazing kids.  I used to work for the BPO industry as a claims analyst then a training specialist, teaching ESL  from home in between.  Until October of 2013, I decided that working from home is the best for my family.

Recently, I got into financial literacy.  I decided that, being a mother of two fast-growing kids, we need to be able to learn to manage our finances efficiently and to secure our family’s future.  This was when I found out that there are already different resources to make myself financially literate.  I found the Wealth Academy and the Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez about a month ago.  Both organizations taught me to open my eyes to the abundance around me, and true enough blessings have kept coming. And there was a growing seed in my heart that I felt was sprouting.

Today, THE MIRACLE HAPPENED.  It was noon and I had been reading Bro. Bo’s blog until I suddenly heard it and it pierced through my heart; THE CALLING TO SERVE.   I realized suddenly that all this time, the opportunities coming my way had been laid out in front of me by God so that they would all culminate today when He made his messaged known.  He wants me to serve.  He wants me to use my talents to inspire, help and also be a blessing to other people.

And so, today July 24, 2014, I am launching this new blog to be a means for me to inspire other mothers to believe in their abilities and start something great, to mobilize us into achieving our goals, to instill the importance of financial literacy to families and most importantly, to spread God’s love and serve Him the best way I know how.

4 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Hi Jen, truly thank you for your effort to educate us not only as your trainee and as person we really appreciate it and we learn a lot from you, i will follow what you teach for us and make it as the inspiration. i will miss you but i know you open the way for us to communicate, take care always regards to your family.


  2. Hi Jen, The article u wrote on the Mainecoon is a just little bit incorrect, actually, the on going price today for a Mainecoon is between1000 t0 1600, with 1200 – 1300 being the medium price depending all on the reputation of the breeder and how she or he breeds.If someone is selling a Mainecoon for 400 watch out…but they are known to sell the retired Maincoons from the cattery anywhere from 400 to 700. Many times males are more and the double paw’ed poly cats are a few hundred more too.


    • Hi Bonnie!

      First of all thank you so much for following the Maine Coon blog. I appreciate your correction! Thank you so much for pointing this out. I will remember to be more careful next time especially with currency conversions and other things related to pricing. Have a great day!


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